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Remembered Memories

Posted on Friday, December 16th, 2005 under Reviews | 1 comment

Sorry, but yet another non-movie review post ... this one is a list of movies and TV shows that I vaguely remember from my childhood. For all you movie buffs or TV show know-it-alls, this one is for you ... help an absent-minded TV watcher out. If I have found the actual name of the show/movie, it is there ... otherwise, I have listed some details on the unknown title. Let's do this:

TV Shows
Never really watched it, but saw an advert in a comic book and remember watching the opening credits. The best part? The premise that an overly-muscular jazz musician is endowed with superpowers from a lighting strike and then continues to perform as a cover for his late night superhero work ... awesome.

O man ... it took me forever to find this bad boy. Now I can reminisce in the full knowledge of what I spent so many of my Sunday evenings watching. Sweet car, endearing mechanic "Frankie", lots of action, guns, and gadgets ... and plenty more wonderful qualities. If you are know one of those fancy-pants TV Network CEOs, tell them to get these out on DVD or iTunes! Oh, I meant now, too.

Early Edition
O sure ... laugh all you want ... it was a good show! And now our friend Kyle Chandler is doing big and better things in Peter Jackson's King Kong. So ha!

The Flash
I think I remember watching this series, but we won't know for sure until the DVD set is released and Netflix sends it to me.

This one I actually remembered really well and every now and then I will grab one of the discs off of Netflix ... for some good, early 90's fun.

Diagnosis Murder
Alright, this one is kinda silly for me ... but I did enjoy watching it with my family and it did have Dick Van Dyke. It's just not something I am planning on Netflix-ing any time soon. (Although ... one of my favorite episodes is the one with

Yeah ... you know which one I am talking about. Everyone knows they loved the baby's crazy antics! And who can forget the episode where the son challenges the dad to a rumble? So much fun.

Unknown #1
I faintly remember a show about a fast/futuristic car that has bright (blue?) lines outlining its shape ... it was raced at some point in the movie and crashed, yet the driver was unharmed and the car rebuilt itself by pulling the parts back together. And I think the driver wore a black helmet and black bike suit. This one hurts my brain, 'cuz I can't figure out what it is.

Peanut Butter Solution
I didn't remember too much about this one until I found it on IMDB ... then I remembered all too well. I am pretty sure this is one of those movies that scared the pants off of me growing up ...

Neither movie or television ... but I just wanted to remind myself that I also rediscovered the Jim Lee-created comic book character, Maverick. Also, I am still looking for a book (early teens age group) about a android student ... who at one point pulls an extension cord out of his leg and recharges himself in one of the school hallways. Fun!

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Don't forget! You found the one "Unknown #1" movie ... it is "The Wraith" and it is awesome!



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