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Face first

Posted on Tuesday, October 25th, 2005 under News | No comments

A new face and feel to the studio is in the works (and if you are one of the privileged few, you have already seen some of it!), so keep those browsers open and the Refresh set at full!

Off to the side here, is a toolbox image that Apple created to promote the newest version of Backup ... I thought it looked pretty cool.

By the way, a really big smack in the face thank you to whomever decided to develop the iBelieve iPod shuffle lanyard. It's bad enough that some people actually have a problem with obsessing about Apple's products, to the point where it because the most important thing to them (no, Vanessa, I am not talking about me!), but once this bad boy hits mainstream (just give it a few weeks/months), I will never hear the end of it. Some preacher is bound to use it as a point of contingency about "where our minds have wandered and where our hearts have strayed" ... etc. with the baloney pop-metality. Listen, I like Apple's stuff. It's good. Really good. Because it is so good, I am a proponent of it. I tell people about it ... that doesn't make me obsessive or mean that my priorities are out of whack .... or does it? Hmm.

And clearly, as Vanessa/Adam/someone pointed out, it appears as though Blue's Clues' very own Steve ... has lost his mind. See?

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