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Home at last!

Posted on Monday, October 10th, 2005 under News | No comments

It sure is nice to be back in sunny Florida! Virginia was nice and all, but there is nothing quite like getting off of Flight 211 and heading straight home and enjoying a great Netflix (Onk-Bak for the curious) over some delicious China Wok, with Jodie, Adam and 'Nessa. The perfect end to an already perfect trip.

(Hours later ...)

It feels good to be back in the DRA Studio, surrounded by pretty markers, and lots of posters and comics. It's my own little creative Fortress of Solitude ... I just don't have any cool white memory crystals anywhere. Man, Clark gets everything!

Well, if you missed me, missed reading more of my blogging, even missed seeing my pencil scribbles ... let me know! I like talking to people! Honest! Com'n and get on iChat and say 'sup! Me likey doey talky ... or something like that.

Keep your eyes peeling and pointed at the Studio Proofs page. I am working hard to stuff that thing full of projects that need to be completed and as many new ones as God will give me. Thanks to the guys and gals at FCC that keep me busy with all the youth group work ... it is my favorite!

I am also working tonight on getting all my past t-shirt projects (hereafter known throughout the DRA Studio as 'tees') up in the Portfolio. People have been askin' and I will be doin'.

Alright. Enough with the blah blah. Get back to work. Get something done. I know I will be!

P.S. If you are like me and want to design your own iPod nano paper cover, peep this PDF. It is a modification on one featured at the 'lounge. I added a nice L.A. Symphony desktop image to mine!

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