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Happy Birthday Rachel!

Posted on Monday, October 10th, 2005 under Sketches | No comments

Thanks to Vanessa for last night's sketch! She commissioned me (apparently through yummy chocolate-chip cookies) to draw this for a card she is making for her sis' in Pages. Yah for art by Oscar! Yah for Apple! Wheeeeee!

Anyway. This one is for all you Rachel Smith fans out there.

I like the eyes. And I definitely like that I captured a bit of the unique earrings that she was wearing. The hair has some of detail which is nice. The face would have worked out better if I had captured more of Rachel's natural slenderness ... for some reason I couldn't get the hair and face to work more realistically, without losing that fun "drawn by Oscar" feel. I blame it on the dim lighting and cool episodes of Smallville (Season 3).

The use of higher cheeks as lower ending of the eyes worked out much better, again for the "fun" aspect, than actually using Rachel's smiley cheek lines. Interesting. Enjoy.

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