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More Virginia Photos

Posted on Tuesday, October 4th, 2005 under News | No comments

Hey gang ... guys, gals, and the rest of ya'll.

Ok. Enough of that. Here are the next batch of photos ... these are from Sunday ... sorry, no pictures were taken on Monday, though I guess I could upload some of the many many pages of sketches I did for the Northside logo ... nah! (By the way, I know these new photos don't have comments yet ... I will try and do that tonight).

Also, Eric let me in on a little secret the other day ... and if you didn't know it, then it really is a secret. TLC, as in the channel where they show stuff like What Not to Wear and Trading Spaces ... the initials stand for The Learning Channel. (pause for undue dramatics) I know! That is what I said! Unbelievable.

By the way, if you haven't already, download a copy of the pearLyrics widget ... it quickly finds and adds song lyrics to your iTunes currently playing song. The best part? When you are listening to the song on your iPod ... just keep clicking the click-wheel center and viola! there are the lyrics!

I found myself shouting today, "iPod has lyrics! iPod has lyrics!" .... aaahhhh ... things are right with the world ... ;)

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