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Weekend Apple Fun

Posted on Saturday, September 24th, 2005 under News | No comments

We got to go to a sweet Apple Store opening this weekend. It was at the Florida Mall and man, what a nice store it is. It has a look and feel to it that is much closer to the Tampa store and the New York store. I doubt that I will go to the Millenia Mall anymore ... this store is so nice!

We got to the mall around 9 in the morning. Apparently, some people had been there since 6! Losers. It was so much fun, but there were some real freaks and fanatics there ... check out this one unhappy fella's tattoo. There was also a guy there who had with him the first MacWorld magazine ... he was hoping that Steve Jobs would be at the opening ... but no luck.
This past week I sold my (newer) iPod mini to Andrew A. and was able to buy a new iPod nano at the store today. It was a bit of a challenge, choosing between black or white, but I chose a black one. I got to be the second customer ever at the new store! The guy that beat me was the MacWorld-wielding man. Ted from the Resource Center was there too. He picked a white nano ... his reasoning was that every black nano in the store had fingerprints on it. It makes sense, but I am happy with mine.

Terry Allcorn come with us too. Man, was that fun! As he put it, he is finally "switching to the Dark Side". He picked up a new Mac mini and a really great HP printer (all-in-one) ... with a great discount.

Also, Jodie took some pictures of her really nice "Stinko Man" LEGO creation and sent it off to Strongbad and the Chapman Bros. Hope they like it!

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