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Joe Madureira

Posted on Wednesday, September 21st, 2005 under Design Reviews | 1 comment

Joe Madureira (Mad-uh-rare-uh)
Born: December 3, 1974
School: High School of Art and Design in New York

Art Tools:
Pencils: A standard lead holder.
Lead: 2h or 3h depending on the pape ... Berol or Staedtler lead.
Erasers: Magic Rub, Staedtler or kneaded erasers.
Rulars/etc: T-square, circle template and French curve ... he freehands most of his curves.
Paper: 11"by17", 2 ply Bristol Board. 2ply is the weight of the paper, some artists use 3/etc.
Other: Acrylics, Oils, and pastels also Conte crayons.

Piece I Enjoyed: House of M #1 (Variant cover; 2005) - Pencil & Ink
URL: Cold FuZion Studios presents MAD!
Gallery of Interest: JoeMadfan.com
?: Google Search Artist

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