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What's the Haps, My man?

Posted on Friday, September 16th, 2005 under News | No comments

Wondering what has been going down lately at the Studio? Let me fill you in.

Jodie is working her heart out at her internship (Music Ed, natch'), and so hasn't made too many new desktops. There are a few and I will get those up in the upcoming days. Her internship keeps her pretty busy, so the only other info I can give on her is that she (and I) are currently watching Smallville (trying to catch up for the Season premiere) and The Office.

I have been sleeping little and working/creating much. You will can find a few new desktops, Mac link updates, and some Portfolio additions this week. But that is about it for the DRA Studio. My time has mostly been spent working on client projects and I haven't had a chance to add any other new items. That's no reason to cry though, as I am constantly dropping sketches in my blog and such ... plenty of Oscar goodness to keep you busy.

The Evenstar booth at the Florida Christian Convention looked great (thanks, Eric!) and had a pretty good turn-out. The biggest plus was that, not only did I get to see the identity that I had begun like 2 and 1/2 years ago fully in use, but Arron Chambers also had designed-by-me shirts at his booth. It was all kinds of awesome.

With great interest comes less sleep ... we will be cranking for a good while over at Evenstar, including me making a trip up to VA for a project in the forth days. I will be sure to bring back pictures.

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