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Aiming Leap n' Roll

Posted on Saturday, August 27th, 2005 under Sketches | No comments

I like this one. I think she turned out really well ... with a style different from some of the stuff I've done previously. I am really working hard on light-source shading, human physique, and giving my illustrations that extra level of detail. I think that some of turning/leaping motion I wanted to achieve is there, but it could use some improvement. I love the way the inked shadows turned out ... not everyone adds shadows right into the inking (most just use the coloring for that), but I like the way Jim Lee's inker did and I think it looks good. Jodie said it gave it a "Batman-type feel". Works for me.

Beside her figure and perspective, the biggest thing I need to work on improving is the hair. Detail is so important and there are some great guys out there putting out some great looking hair ... got to get to that point. This works for now though.

I think she would work well with some coloring, but I think for now I will just focus on enhancing my drawing/finishing style.

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