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The Aviator (2004)

Posted on Monday, August 22nd, 2005 under Reviews | No comments

2 out of 5 awkwardly colored peasDirected by Martin Scorsese

Wow. Just "wow". This one left me stunned. Not just because Jodie, Adam, Nessa, Ben and I finished it like at midnight. Not just because it was like 3 times as long as I thought it was. Not just because I was left saying "the wave of future" to put myself to sleep. Just as a whole, "wow"!

Let's clarify. For the most part, this a seriously bad "wow". Although Leo plays a sincere Howard Hughes, the love the character, with his earnestness and motivation (heck, even his neurotic habits become endearing), is quickly forgotten once the onset of his debilitating disease reaches its full peak. Though probably true-to-life, the portrayal leaves a bad taste in your mouth, akin to so many stale Chinese egg-rolls. And don't even get me started on Katherine Hepburn! It was like watching an annoying British version of "Gilmore Girls" ... in fast foward! Agh! Stupid I-wanna-be-a-man-but-I-am-actually-a-woman lady thing. Leave now and don't ever come back! How could someone as annoying as you be Galadriel? I guess that is what acting is all about - getting some people to love you and making others cut your brake cables as you drive through downtown San Francisco. Have a nice ride (seriously, her part is that annoy! Imagine an even more pompous and snobby person than fancy Phoebe Buffay!).

Despite, in my opinion, it's major flaws, this film had two redeeming aspects. One is the unique choice of chroma-color hue-shifting in many scenes, offering a nice classic photo-comes-to-life feel to the movie. The second, the planes. Really, if you are even remotely interested in the airplanes designed, built and flown by Hughes, as well as his obsession with perfection in what he did, add this to your Netflix. You'll hate most of the story, but at least with the DVD, you can skip to all the plane footage. Which is amazing. The designs are sleek and fast, soaring sweetly through the clouds and sparkling in the sun strong enough to blind you. Each is a machine of absolute beauty. Suffice to say, this movie would have been just as good if they had just had someone narrate the engineering of the planes.

O by the way, nice cameo Jude Law ... how hard up for money are you? Really.

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