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Shopping through the Fat

Posted on Thursday, August 18th, 2005 under News | No comments

Fall is here! Along with new classes for some and shiny Apples for others, comes some merch from the heads over at Fat Threads! Keep checking back at our new storefront ... we will be trying to add stuff daily.

If you happen to love what you see at Fat Threads, but find the prices too steep, we understand. Tell us your interested and if enough people are begging for cheaper shirts, we will fork out the cash and make the investment in some high-quality local screen prints that we can ship out directly to you.

Hop on over to ThinkGeek and see what Jessica's little eye spied ... Homer of Renaissance!

And now for a somber bow, as we shed a few tears for some great backpacks that will be departing shortly. My fully equipped Greatland in Stone gray, as well as my rugged JEEP in royal blue - both will be finding new homes with new backs to warm and protect. To whatever blessed being receives them, may they offer you the comfort and service that they shared with me. Enjoy the new school year, fellas! You're gonna love it.

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