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Gravity got you down?

Posted on Monday, August 1st, 2005 under News | No comments

Not me. Gravity is number one in my list of comic books I am currently buying. Here are the rest (in order of me-likey-ness):

1. Gravity
2. Cable & Deadpool (witty and fun! Kinda like someone I know)
3. Invincible Iron Man
4. Green Lantern
5. Ultimate Iron Man
6. Young Avengers
7. Superman Batman (just for Ed and Dexter!)
8. Daredevil (probably be dropping it soon)
9. Wolverine (pick up the pace, man, or you're gone too!)
10. New Avengers (all I ask is for on time books ... just like everyone else)
11. Astonishing X-Men (so promising, but waning as of late)
12. Black Panther (same deal)
13. Runaways (buy the trade right now ... it's that good!)
14. Infinite Crisis Mini-serieses (All but Day of Vengeance which brings about a bilious vengeance of its own).

By the way, if you aren't already heading over to Marvel Comics daily to get your dose of Hero desktop wallpapers, then you sure are missing out. Marvel creates colorful desktop images using upcoming cover art from some of your favorite books. This is something cool that they do all the time (don't see that happening at DC) and it is really great.

Since Glenn and I were discussing it, you can join the conversation. Got a lot of files? Get a petabyte?

And finally, WebJillion has MST3000 ... but for the web!!!!! Check it out here.

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