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Why is Batman smiling?

Posted on Sunday, July 17th, 2005 under Sketches | No comments

Either he is smiling or he is a bit acrimonious ... you tell me. Jodie seems to think he knows something he is not telling us.

In dedication of my new sketchbook (a great deal at Pottery Barn today - $1.99!), and my new .1mm pen I purchased at Michael's, I drew this up. After initial mechanical pen sketching, I filled it in with #2 penciling. I went back over the outmost line with a Sharpie fine point and the inner lines with a .5mm ink pen (can't remember the name). After erasing the pencil lines, I went back with the .5mm and added some line definitions. Finally, I took the .1mm and added really fine details. At this point, the paper artwork was all done.

I scanned in the page, using Adobe Photoshop, as 300dpi Line Art (also called Black and White) and used the Eraser tool to clean up all of the stray lines. Next came the placement of the image into Adobe Illustrator, where I used the default Live Trace and Life Paint settings to setup the artwork for coloring. After the initial colors, I added a thick borderline to add some iconic definition. I finished it all of with some nice shading, using both gradients and solid shapes (using Darken and Overlay transparencies).

And that is it.

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