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X-Men (2000)

Posted on Monday, July 11th, 2005 under Reviews | No comments

4 out of 5 frozen fire ballsDirected by Bryan Singer

Even though all the hype has been over for 4 years now, this movie is still great. One of my favorite books and comic-to-film adaptations, X-Men was a great jumping off point for all the others to follow. It is a shame that so many (we won't mention any names ... crapHulkcrap ... mmhm) had to stray so far away.

The casting of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was like seeing all of my childhood aspirations come to fruition. My only dissatisfaction (and the reason for demotion of one star) lay in the use of solid black, leather-esque uniforms. It was as if all of Xavier's disciples had gone goth'! As puerile as it may have seemed, a solid attempt to use some resemblance of the real costumes sure could have been ventured. Not only do we know it works (repeat after me ... Spider-man... ), there are so many characteristics of a hero that are exemplified in their choices of clothing.

I heartily agree with the guys over at Cinecast and what they had to say about the role of Magneto in this film. His depiction of a maniacal villain is so much more believable with our introduction to him and his family as Jewish prisoners during the Holocaust era. Instead of a senseless transformation from genius to mad scientist or from stellar leader to corrupt reprobate, we are sharing in the journey of a man seeking retribution. And in some respects, we can even agree with or at least acknowledge the rationale of his actions.

Besides the oil-slick black outfits, the only other disparaging aspect of the film was the decision to remove all traces of clothing from Mystique. Granted, the movie probably gained an additional 25 percent in audience interest (thanks to all the drooling fan boys), but last time I checked, Mystique was never naked in the books.

Well, until a seductive hooker screws up X-Men III, make mine Marvel (movies)!

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