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Dr. Strangelove (1964)

Posted on Friday, July 8th, 2005 under Reviews | No comments

1 out of 5 finicky robotic handsDirected by Stanley Kubrick

That's it. I am so giving up on Stanley Kubrick. I was sure I would be able to handle 2001 Space Odyssey and even this movie came highly recommended ... but I can't take it. His unusual use of conventional human dialect and emotions, as well as his extremist decisions in camera angles, just turns my stomach every time. I constantly feel as though I should be understanding more than that is being said and that if I did, perhaps the less-than-witty humor and esoteric moral considerations would have more of an effect on me. Instead I have found no deeper meaning, no greater aspiration - just meaningless anti-social-standard dribble.

Granted, I am the first one to berate a stereotypical film concept, but in the case of the few Kubrick films I have seen so far, I feel less like I am on a visionary path and more like I am accompanying a madman head-long over the edge of a precipice.

Though most online reviews will discuss the "true genius" and "governmental introspection" of this film, don't give credence to. And even if you are interested in hearing both the quotes that ranked on AFI's Top 100, save yourself the evening of agony and check out Altavisita's MP3 search.

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