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The Andromeda Strain (1971)

Posted on Thursday, July 7th, 2005 under Reviews | No comments

3 out of 5 flammable paper suitsDirected by Robert Wise

Michael Crichton used to be one of my favorite writers, so I have always been interested in seeing this visual adaptation of his astounding novel with the same title. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the film, as well as its depiction of events surrounding this purposed biological infiltration. I found myself intrigued at times by certain elements that, in our modern era hardly evoke suspense, yet could have been seen as groundbreaking and overwhelmingly impressive in the movie's initial release.

I definitely recommend this one if you are any kind of fan of Crichton, where it be Jurassic Park or some of his Robin Cook-esque thrillers. It is a good portal into his early work, though definitely more enjoyable if you allow yourself to slip into the quesdo-advanced technology that was the 1970s. Otherwise, this would make for a great addition to the MST3000 library.

My only really gripe? The casting of Kate Reid as Dr. Ruth Leavitt. I doubt a more unpalatable and annoying woman could be found anywhere. Every moment she spent on screen was a moment I spent in agony and torment. Perhaps it was her awkward facial expressions or her obnoxious assertions; either way, I can promise you that she won't be on my Netflix queue any time soon.

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