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In Good Company (2004)

Posted on Thursday, June 23rd, 2005 under Reviews | No comments

4 out of 5 broken ziti dishesDirected by Paul Weitz

Is it just me or did this movie seem to fall of the face of the earth? It had some semi-big hipe, a so/so box office return, and only now that it is on DVD has it stepped back into the poorly-lit room that serves as its fan base.

I have to say ... I went into this movie with some high hopes. I have a strong disposition toward Topher Grace and was really excited about seeming him again in a leading role. It just doesn't get any funny than when he drops a Star Wars line in "That 70's Show"! And for the most part, I think Topher pulled it off in this one too. He's still that witty, yet emotionally unprecedented skinny, funny guy ... I just wish someone would have thought up a better corporate stragety for him to voice. Synergy?!?!? Are you kidding me? He might as well have said, "We need to focus on 'multi-tasking' or 'client-burgeoning'." It was like listening to the silly corporate speak of "The Office", except everyone was being serious about it. EAAH!

Overall though, the movie is good. There are plenty of jokes and if you are into Dennis Quad as an old father-figure, there's load of that too. I won't give anyway the pitiful ending that made me take away a star, but suffice to say ... it will leaving wanting more ... no literally! You will want to phone the directors and ask why they called it quits before the story was done. And then you can plan on watching another movie, just to feel like at least something was completed!

Man. I think I am gonna go synergize myself into a good lunch now ...

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