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MST 3000 : The Girl in Gold Boots (1999)

Posted on Saturday, May 21st, 2005 under Reviews | No comments

1 out of 5 golden mini-thongsDirected by Kevin Murphy

Who could have known that so much golden glittering fabric could be bought in the budget of such a horrible movie? It's movies like this (and Manos : Hands of Fate) that shake my belief in the greatness that is MST 3000.

Basically, you got a girl who dances her way into short skirts and golden boots and later on, some drug problems; a guy with both teleportation abilities(I know!) and the need to learn some really insults (beer on the bike ... are you kidding me?); some other guy that does some other things; and some pretty crappy music.

As usual with MST, the only real upsides of this episode were the crazy antics of Tom Servo and Crow ... who by the way, has maybe a bit too much fun in his own golden boots. I think the only reason this one made it into Pearl's torture bank is because it was directed by our very own Servo voice-o ... hmm.

Sure. Go ahead and watch it ... or save 98 minutes of your life and use it instead to pour beer on your most hated enemies (or their most treasured things).

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