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The Phantom of the Opera (2004)

Posted on Friday, May 20th, 2005 under Reviews | No comments

5 out of 5 scintillating sopranosDirected by Joel Schumacher

In a word ... astounding. Joel Schumacher has managed to give a vivid and vibrant onscreen life to an already amazing Broadway show. For those that were in love with the voices of Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman, you won't be disappointed by the young talents in Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum.

Although Jodie found disappointment in the fact that several of the lines that were original sung in the play were adapted to spoken dialogue, I believe it added a much needed feel of realism and believability to this musical classic.

Guys, this may not be a movie that you are looking forward to, but go ahead and agree to a night out with your girl ... you won't be disappointed by the engrossing storyline and the spectacular special events. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for the amazing title sequence and the Spawn-esque rooftop Phatom cape-ntry!

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