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From Earth to the Moon

Posted on Sunday, October 3rd, 2004 under News | No comments

Suit up for an all new desktop series ... zero gravity collection of colorful renderings that are bound to inspire your space age heart.

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Gravity got you down?
Not me. Gravity is number one in my list of comic books I am currently buying. Here are the rest (in order of me-likey-ness): 1. Gravity 2. Cable & Deadpool (witty and fun! Kinda like someone I know) 3. Invincible Iron Man 4. Green Lantern 5. Ultimate Iron Man 6. Young Avengers 7. Superman Batman (just for Ed and Dexter!) 8. Daredevil (probably ...
Lee don't know art
Inspiration for a new desktop series at the DRA Studio. Make sure to check it out. ...
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Space Invader
O baby! Do I ever love this one! Definitely my favorite so far among the "Ink on Letter" collection, our little space friend here is almost strong enough to make it into his own solo project. I still have to clean up the Bitmap and of course, color him - but I think he looks great. ...
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Here is my own Saturday painting. I originally intended on adding more overall details and some dreams into his thought space, but we all ran out of time. Looks pretty good though, right? I thought so too ... you can pick it up as a desktop picture over at the DRA Studio. ...

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