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Correcting Course

Posted on Tuesday, June 29th, 2004 under News | No comments

4EC desktops added! People cheer! Painfully abused tables replaced with succinct CSS! No one cares! Consistent site window linkage corrected and maintained.

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What's new
I have completed most of the hierarchal structure of the site and am systematically moving all of the old content in. There are a few desktops available for download, but expect more after lunch. I have added a few items to the Portfolio and that is coming along quickly to. If you have any comments or ...
Back from Murray Hill
One new desktop and one new photo album ... plus actual comments on the Murray Hill photos. The proofing window issues have also been corrected. Have fun! ...
A Month of Desktops
10 new desktops by Jodie, 4 new desktops by Oscar, and quite a few minor site improvements and additional links. "Keep your ears peeled for the sequel." ...
Rabbit Trails
Start cleaning off your desktops ... sometime this weekend, the bomb of new desktops will land and land hard it will. I mean, we're talking about like 2 months of backlog desktops here. Also, for you wiki-fanatics, check out my lil' side project, RabbitTrails.com. Mmmm ... fun. A new format for past projects should ...
Tiger Desktops
Over 10 new Mac OS X Tiger sneak preview Desktops added! Reason enough to revise the Leisure display style. Hopefully you will enjoy the new divisions. ...

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