Learning about your Mac, code-named "Appleseeds"

Tips, tricks, training and apple-bobbing buckets full of resources for bettering your Apple Macintosh experience.

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Start at the source! Look through all the yummy details and be sure to check out the "Tech Specs" pages. From there, you can do a comparison of multiple hardware models.
MacRumors.com - Buyer's Guide
Know you want a new Mac or iPhone, but don't want to get burned by a new release a few months later or miss out on a product rev? This is your place.
Apple.com - Refurbished and Clearance
Don't mind the clearance rack? The are plenty of smart deals to be had buying a refurbished Mac and every single one is brought back to Apple Specs before sold.
You don't have to buy your RAM memory from Apple and pay through the nose. Crucial's memory is certified to be just as good and sometimes 1/3 the price. This is also a great place to look if you just don't remember how many memory slots your Mac has.


Stil one of the best resources for getting into the Mac culture, learning where to buy and all of the cool tricks.
One of the early greats (that hasn't been shutdown by Apple) that keeps you in the know about all things secretive happening in Cupertino.
They've got Mac new and rumors, but they are also the first to post about hot deals happening on Mac hardware and peripherals.


Beginner - A perfect intro to the Mac

Apple.com - Mac Basics
It may sound redundant, but one of the great things about Apple is that they are definitely one of the best sources for more information about your new purchase.


Intermediate - Tasty goodies to expand your Mac experience

User Interface

Quickly position a window to fill exactly half the screen, a quarter of the screen or full screen ... basically replicating one of the only few worthwhile features of Windows 7, but using keyboard shortcuts.
Another approach to window organization, but taking advantage of the "Green" window control button.


Be awoken with a gorgeous UI and a wonderful set of customizations.
Control your music experience with this lovely customizable controller.
Accept credit card payments right from your iPhone.


Centralize all of your website passwords and secure notes, with easy access through custom Web browser toolbars. If you have an iPhone or iPod, you can take them on the go too!


App Update Widget
Version check all of the apps on your Mac and keep them up-to-date. There is even an option of using the Apple, MacUpdate, and/or VersionTracker application databases.
Create quick screenshots that float above your applications and Desktop.


Achieve some wonderful effects on your photos with ease.


One of the snappiest and capable application launchers, besides the built-in Spotlight.
An amazingly powerful, yet inexpensive alternative to the industry standard Adobe Photoshop.

Web Resources

Alternativeto.net - Mac
Found a great tool but it costs to much or doesn't work anymore? This site will show you all the available alternatives. PC and Linux, too if you are interested.
Finer Things in Mac
A Tumblr site that posts all sorts of Mac enhancement and trick goodness.
Check individual application compatibility with the newest versions of Mac OS X.


Advanced - Beyond the Apple GUI and typical usage


Mac OS X Hints.com
Daily tips and tricks for improving your Mac experience, both in the GUI and terminal.
Just like it sounds, this app will provide you access to the many optional settings that your OS has disabled by default.
The easiest way to remove not only applications from your Mac, but all of the ancillary and extra support files each app always comes with. Check out AppCleaner for a free alternative.


Speed up everything from email replies, paper writing and code development with custom snippets. A pricey tool, but completely worth it after a few weeks.

Video Playback

Really available for every platform, but especially nice on the Mac. If you can't play it with VLC, then maybe you shouldn't.
A nice suite of plugins that add support for video playback to Apple's Quicktime app(s).

Web Resources

Maintain.se - Blog
Brought you by the gang that makes that great maintenance tool, Cocktail, this site is full of great hidden OS X enhancements.


Troubleshoot - Finding solutions to your Apple woes


Apple.com - Support
Don't underestimate the quality of information that is available through Apple's site. Beyond the basic FAQs and troubleshooting guides, their Knowledge Base is a wealth of "help me fix it!" information.

Hardware Related

Best place for free repair manuals for all things Apple, as well as replacement parts and tools.
Can't remember what video card your 3 year old Mac has? Don't know if it's one firewire or two on your Mom's MacBook Pro? This nifty app will give you specs on every Macintosh ever made.

Software Related

If you find your Mac running sluggish or are just experiencing a bit of oddness with your systems performance, a run of Cocktail's "Pilot" mode may be what's needed. An alternative (and FREE version) that many like is Onyx.


Community - Connect with neighboring Apple users

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